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If you live in Lawrence, New York and you need garage door spring repair, there is no better place to go than Garage Door Repair Lawrence. We have everything for all of your repair needs. Whether you need to fix garage door spring, a new garage door or whatever else that ails your garage door, Garage Doors Repair Lawrence has it all for you.Garage Door Spring 24/7 Services


For garage door broken spring repair or broken spring replacement, Garage Doors Repair Lawrence is the best place to go. Getting spring repair is one of the easiest things to do when it comes to repair your garage door. Some of the many services that Garage Door Repair Lawrence specializes in are:

    Torsion spring repair
    Torsion spring replacement
    Extension springs repair
    Extension springs replacement


One of the most common things to repair with garage doors is torsion spring repair

However, sometimes the torsion spring just cannot be fixed itself so you have to replace torsion spring instead. It is an easy deal if you do find you need to replace torsion spring. A worker from Garage Door Repair Lawrence will come in and handle all of the torsion spring replacement work for you. We know that some of you like to do things for yourself and doing torsion spring repair is probably one of those things. We here at Garage Door’s Repair Lawrence understand your need to do things for yourself, so we carry an extensive stock of repair parts for you to purchase and take home. This way you do not have to wait to fix your broken spring problem. You can get your part and finish repairing your garage door on the very same day. All thanks to Garage Door’s Repair Lawrence.


Much like with torsion springs, extension springs repair and replacement is another big part of the repair of garage door. Again, you can either call us and we will come do the extension springs repair or you can get your broken spring repair parts from us and do the work yourself at home.  It is as simple as that. Here at Garage Doors Repair Lawrence, it is all about you and what you need us to do for you. We are here for you and all of your repair needs.


Whatever it is you are looking for in the area of garage door’s repair, our Garage Doors Repairs Lawrence has everything you need. What makes it even better is our top quality customer service. Your satisfaction with our work and our products is our #1 priority here at Garage Door Repair Lawrence.

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