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The Three Most Important Garage Door Parts

02/16/2014 Back To Blog

It is of the utmost importance that the garage door maintenance covers the inspection and repair of all components of aluminum overhead doors and focuses even on the needs of the most trivial parts, like the garage door rollers for example. In spite of that there are some parts, which are extremely significant for the proper operation of the mechanism and their regular and proper service will not only allow the good performance of the door, but also ensure the security of the house and your protection from possible domestic accidents.The Three Most Important Garage Door Parts

The openers are the brains of the mechanism

It doesn't matter if you have a belt drive garage door opener or any other type since the result when you press the remote controls is always the same. Today, openers last for a very long period of time and their problems usually arise from damaged wires or secondary components. You can find detailed instructions in the manual, but if you need to check the whole unit and you haven't done it before, you should get some advices about the procedure from Garage Door Repair Lawrence.

And the springs are its stronger soldiers

The stability of the door depends mainly from the good condition of the garage door springs since they balance its weight and make sure it is properly lifted. After multiple cycles, the mechanical parts need to be lubricated in order to work better and they usually warn you through loud noises. Of course, a garage door broken spring must be replaced immediately, but you shouldn't wait till the springs loose completely their flexibility and you should replace them sooner. Though, you need to make sure you are getting the right springs from the stores in New York, which can lift the weight of your existing door.

Are the cables in place?

The garage door cable share some responsibilities with springs when lifting the door since the cables pull the panel up or let it go down. That's why they must be checked often because if they get loose, they will do their job much slower and the door might be misaligned. They need to be lubricated often in order to keep their flexibility and firmness.

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